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We Won!!
Thank you to all of our fans for the support.
It was a close race between all 3 teams but we did it!

Here is some footage from the Live Feed that was recorded.


And a group photo



What's on the operating table??

We are gearing up for the 2015 CES rush of mods -

This years lineup includes several for ZOTAC
We have 2 large extreme case mods
We have a Orb PC turned into a skull
We have several redesigned ZBOX's
and more...

Other mods will be announced shortly.

~~~ Just in time for Halloween ~~~

asked us to build something around their

STRIX means "owl" and is a part of folklore so we really had to dig deep into our creative minds....

Rather than the obvious choice to build something that looks like an owl, we built a story around the STRIX, and built a cage to contain the beast.

It turned out so good we surprised ourselves. It looks like it belongs in a movie as a prop.

And in the spirit of Halloween, we made a short film about the build. Don't be scared, it can't hurt you...


And a picture..




We just did a video for Nvidia GeForce Garage that talks about LED lighting
It's about 12 hours of footage condensed into about 10 minutes but it shows some great tips. Check out the article and it also contains a Cheat Sheet for more information..

GeForce Garage


We had a great time talking with Dewayne from Modders-Inc about our experience on MOD24.

Modders-Inc Interview


2013 Stuff

A lot of coverage from these guys!
PAX Prime 2013 was very busy for us this year.

Gamers Nexus
Check them out.

PAX had a Modders Panel this year.

And a short interview about modding

Modding Q&A

PAX East 2013
Throne Coverage

CES 2013 Coverage

Enermax Suite